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Moves That Matter


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Donating supplies and equipment to organizations and facilities in need? Contact us by completing the below form for assistance with transportation costs.

Occasionally there are loads that remind us that what we move can change, honor, or save a life.

On April 29, 2014 we were reminded of this with a load being delivered to Where Angels Play volunteers in Stamford, Connecticut. It was playground equipment to be assembled in honor of six-year-old Jessie Lewis, one of the 26 victims in the 2012 shooting attack at Sandy Hook Elementary. Jessie’s shouts to classmates to run from the gunman helped save nine lives. 

Humbled and inspired, TQL created the Moves that Matter program and financially supported and arranged the transportation for the final six playground deliveries to honor other victims from the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Since then, we have helped move donations to hurricane victims, food items for the hungry and homeless, wreaths to remember fallen soldiers, and much more.

Moves That Matter
Where Angels Play Foundation


Inspired by this experience, TQL started a program for our employees, customers and carriers called Moves That Matter. We will support the shipment of qualifying charitable loads with a grant to cover transportation costs.

Since 2014, TQL has supported more than 60 non-profits through Moves that Matter

  • homes
  • Corbin Hill Food Project
  • American Red Cross
  • Feeding Children Everywhere
  • Humane Society